Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time (vocabulary)


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Time (vocabulary)
時間 (詞語)
时间 (词语)

one o'clock
ten past one (one ten, 1:10)
a quarter past one (one fifteen, 1:15)
twenty past one (one twenty, 1:20)
half past one (one thirty, 1:30)
twenty to two (one forty, 1:40)
a quarter to two (one forty-five, 1:45)
ten to two (one fifty, 1:50)

How do you say the time "1:27"?
怎樣說這個時間: 1:27?
怎样说这个时间: 1:27?

twenty-seven past one
one twenty-seven

How do you say the time "1:31"?
怎樣說這個時間: 1:31?
怎样说这个时间: 1:31?

twenty-nine to two
one thirty-one

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