Friday, April 25, 2008


How do you search in the search box? (top left hand corner)

如何用搜尋方格搜尋? (左上方)

如何搜寻方格搜寻? (左上方)

Search Tips | 搜尋提示 | 搜寻提示

Searching for... For example, type "free time activites" to look for mind maps related to "part of speech".

搜尋... 例如:輸入“free time activites”﹙即“自由活動”﹚來看看與“free time activites”有關的腦圖。

搜寻... 例如:输入“free time activites”(即“自由活动”)来看看与“free time activites”有关的脑图。

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