Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ways to learn English in a low-cost environment

Tutors are expensive. If you need to hire a tutor, it may take you hundreds of Hong Kong dollars for an hour. Whether you are a parent, a teenage student or an adult learner, you may be looking for cheap or free solutions online for making your English better. provides an interface for translating dictionaries between English, Russian, Spanish and German. even provides more languages for machine translation. offers free English definitions to English words.

If you are looking for a thesaurus, is made with an interesting "thinkmap" interface for you to query on a trial basis. freely allows its visitors to type any words for their definitions and synonyms.

My site at lets you ask questions on the English language. It is free. You just enter questions. I then respond. This is an interesting experimental use of setting up online learning resources.

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