Sunday, January 15, 2012

Set up gedit Text Editor on Debian Linux

I use "gedit Text Editor" to do basic word processing tasks. I make it more convenient for me to use this software item by following the steps:

Click on "Edit" and "Preferences" in "gedit Text Editor".

Under View, check the boxes:
Display line numbers
Highlight current line
Highlight matching bracket

Under Editor, change the "Tab width" to:

When I press Tab on the keyboard, the cursor moves forward by four spaces.

Under Editor, I also check the boxes:
Enable automatic indentation
Create a backup copy of files before saving
Autosave files every 10 minutes

Under Font & Colors, uncheck the box:  
Use the system fixed width font (Monospace 10)

Click on Monospace and choose my favourite font:
Times New Roman

Choose my favourite font size:

Under Plugins, uncheck all the boxes.

No plugins mean that gedit Text Editor starts faster.

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