Sunday, March 18, 2012

Use a printer on Debian Linux

I start a browser such as Firefox, and copy and paste the web address below:


I get the page called "CUPS".

I can use CUPS to add and modify printers. I need to enter my superuser password.

I install the driver for the printer called Samsung ML2240. Then, I use CUPS to add the printer and select the correct ML2240 printer driver. Later, I can use this printer to print some documents.

For more information on CUPS, this page gives more details.

Samsung ML2240 printer

To install the driver of the Samsung ML2240 printer, I visit the Samsung site. I select things like "download" and "support".

For example, on the Hong Kong site, I select "Support", "Manuals and Downloads", "Printer" (Type), "Mono Laser", "ML-2240", "Manuals and Downloads" and "Driver".

I click on an icon to download the "Unified Driver" version "3.00.65" of Linux.

Afterwards, I use the command in Terminal:

tar -xvzf UnifiedLinuxDriver_1.01.tar.gz

Then, I see a "cdroot" folder. I go to this folder by:

cd cdroot

Then, I use the command:

sh autorun

and I follow the instructions given.

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