Thursday, March 15, 2012

Verify Firefox and Seamonkey on Debian Linux


To be safe and to do something to make it easy for me to check the integrity of the firefox-11.0.tar.bz2, I use sha1sum in Terminal:

sha1sum '/path/to/firefox-11.0.tar.bz2'

Hit Enter and I should see:
96a44eeb3076b4343b55cb21bfd7cd6fc59f5b05  /path/to/firefox-11.0.tar.bz2 

Go to this page.

The current link is:

The previous link is dead:

Click on releases, 11.0 and SHA1SUMS.

Press Ctrl and F at the same time. Copy the checksum above (that is "96a44eeb3076b4343b55cb21bfd7cd6fc59f5b05") and paste it.

If the checksum is there, this means that the file is intact, and I should probably trust this file.

If not, I should not trust the file.


Seamonkey can be verified in a similar way.

Look for the checksum (SHA-1) here.

The current link is:

The previous link is dead:

This may be useful in Terminal:
sha1sum seamonkey-2.8.tar.bz2

What is SHA-1?

For the details, this page may help.

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