Thursday, May 9, 2013

Installing Debian Wheezy and Xfce

I like a minimalist style. I install Debian Wheezy and Xfce.

To begin with, I download the huge DVD disk number one.

Installing Debian Wheezy requires the first disk only. Other packages can be downloaded later on. Save time and download only one file.

I use MultiGet to download the DVD image file.

The image is here:

I copy the web address and download that image file.

I also burn the DVD with Xfburn.

Insert the DVD and reboot the computer. The computer should start the installer.

I select Advanced options.

I may select Automated install, but wait...

I would like to have Xfce, not Gnome. I select Alternative desktop environments.

I select Xfce.

Then, I select Advanced options.

Afterwards, I select Automated install.

The installer asks me some questions and I answer them one by one. I like Automated install. The number of questions is the least when I choose this option to configure my desktop.

The total amount of time spent depends on the hardware. In my case, it takes one to two hours.

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