Friday, October 25, 2013

Convert 3GA into MP3 on Debian Linux

I have 3GA files which were produced by a mobile phone.

To convert 3GA files into MP3 files, I use:

$ avconv -b 256k -i OneOfThe3gaFilesIRecorded.3ga PreferredMP3.mp3

For example, a 3GA file of 595KB can become an MP3 file of about 1.7MB. I like MP3 files because many devices can play them.

Update: 5 August 2017
People make many videos every day. I wonder if people still use these audio formats. If they do, MP3 is still a useful format.

iPhones and Android-based phones are usually equipped with cameras. They don't just record the voice or sound. For playing videos on a computer (Windows, Linux), WebM may be a good format. I wrote another small post to talk about WebM.



Better Grown said...

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Guillermo Day said...

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