Saturday, December 21, 2013

How do I view Flash contents or videos of my favourite websites on Android?

Puzzling! Puzzling! How do I view Flash contents on Android? I would like to view the Flash videos on Android. My sites I would like to watch are Apple Daily and news websites. Apple Daily is a popular website in Hong Kong.

I look for alternative web browsers other than Firefox. Sorry. Other web browsers do not provide me with the same level of stability and usability, i.e. I can't view the Flash contents correctly.

Luckily, I get the idea.

Here are the steps:

(I am using a tablet. There may be different options on different devices.)

1. Stop a security option temporaraily
On Android:
Settings -> Security -> Check Unknown sources

2.  Download the right file

Android way:
You can search for "android flash archive" on Android.

This is the link:

My Android is 4.2.2. Therefore, I downloaded
Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 (

You may download the file via a web browser on Android.

Desktop way:
Transfer the file
Download the file via a web browser on Debian Linux, Microsoft Windows or any other operating systems of your choice. Transfer the file from the desktop computer to the Android device.

 3. Install the file
Open the file after downloading, or start a file manager and open the file. Answer Yes or OK to install the *.apk file.

4. Change the Firefox settings

Start Firefox for Android.

Go to:
Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Plugins -> Enabled

You may have to restart Firefox.

5. Turn on the security option
Settings -> Security -> Uncheck Unknown sources
6. Start Firefox for Android
Visit my favourite site.

Search for easy tutorial

(You don't have to use Debian Linux. You can use Microsoft Windows or Mac. However, Debian Linux is my favourite desktop solution so far.)

I use a desktop computer first because the screen is larger than that of a mobile device. It is easy to view the search results. I use Google Chrome or Firefox on Debian Linux. I search for "android flash firefox plugin".

The tutorial is here:

Is it a workaround?
Yes, this is a workaround. Adobe doesn't provide updates.

Does this workaround work all the time?
Sorry, no.

Is it a free workaround?
This workaround is free. You don't pay a penny.

What are the other workarounds?
The website owner needs to provide an app for Android users.

CNN's website does not work well in Firefox for Android. I can't watch the videos. CNN provides an app for Android users.

BBC's website shows the same problem. An app can be downloaded for BBC News.

I think different companies work differently. They may spend a lot of money on developing apps on Android.

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