Sunday, March 23, 2014

Save with a password

Sometimes, there are sensitive documents, for example, documents I don't want the others to see.

An option in LibreOffice can create a password-protected document.

Warnings / Reminders:

Write down the password and put the password in a safe place.

At present, there is no way to recover the password easily. A correct password must be entered to open the document.


Back up the file first to prevent any loss of data. Make a copy of the file to prevent the total loss of data. Keep this file in a safe place.

Use a strong password, for example, a password with at least eight characters and with both numbers and letters.  The password can contain Unicode characters, for example, Japanese, Korean or Chinese characters.

Only password-protect a small number of documents. If a lot of documents need to be encrypted, consider other methods, for example, encrypt a hard disk or a partition.

Click on:

File -> Save As...
-> Check Save with password
-> Save

Type the password under "Enter password to open".

Retype the same password under "Confirm password".

Click on OK.

Close the document. When I open it. I need to type the password.

Clear the password

To clear the password, type the correct password when opening the file. Click on:

File -> Save As... 
-> Type a new name
-> Uncheck Save with password
-> Save

 The file with the new name can be opened without a password.

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