Monday, April 14, 2014

Save disk space with small WebM files

I converted a WMV file into a WebM file.

In the WebM file, I saw some minor flashes in the video from time to time. I did not need a very good resolution. The flashes were okay because the original WMV file showed blurred images in the video.

The sound was important to me. The sound was good in the WebM file. I could hear the same quality. I heard no noticeable difference.

The first file was in Windows Media video (video/x-ms-wmv) format. Its size was 127.9 MB (127937010 bytes).

The second file was in WebM video (video/webm) format. Its size was 18.8 MB (18802685 bytes).

127.9 - 18.8 = 109.1MB

I deleted the WMV file. I saved 109.1MB of hard disk space.

I tried another file conversion from File A to File B:

File A:
Windows Media video (video/x-ms-wmv)
104.5 MB (104465142 bytes)

File B:
WebM video (video/webm)
20.0 MB (20016930 bytes)

104.5 - 20.0 = 84.5MB

I deleted the WMV file again. I saved 84.5MB of disk space.

I attempted another file conversion from File C to File D:

File C:
Windows Media video (video/x-ms-wmv)
135.5 MB (135529100 bytes)

File D:
WebM video (video/webm)
19.8 MB (19809968 bytes)

135.5 - 19.8 = 115.7MB

I deleted the WMV file. I saved 115.7MB of disk space.

A WebM file could help me to save some hard disk space.

"libav-tools" was the necessary package to do the file conversion.

The command was:

$ avconv -i NameOfFile.wmv NameOfFile.webm

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