Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Use a simple table to separate words

Here is what I think about using tables:

1. Use a table but don't draw a line to separate some words. 
2. As far as possible, use a simple table. Complex tables may not work all the time. Beautiful borders may not work.

I have used different versions of LibreOffice Writer. I could not be sure if a shape I drew would be displayed in exactly the same way.

To me, it is not the best practice to draw a line among words to separate them.

The best practice is to draw a table.

Shapes may move to different positions when you open the file in another version of LibreOffice.

To play safe, use a table.

In LibreOffice, press

Table -> Insert -> Table

This is also an issue in Microsoft Office Word. The same shape may not be in the same place. In Word, press

Insert -> Table

It is more likely that people using future versions of the word processing software can view the same table.

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