Friday, October 9, 2015

Migrate to Gentoo after being familiar with common Debian desktop usage

Last time, I mentioned that I would like to consider Gentoo instead of Debian because I do not want systemd. systemd makes the system unstable, e.g. requiring more than five minutes to start a desktop PC randomly.

How systemd can be used as stable as possible is not known.

I migrate to Gentoo after being familiar with using the Debian desktop computer.

Gentoo features compiling the software I need. I can state on Gentoo Linux that I do not need systemd support. Great flexibility!

The time spent on the computer will lengthen as a result of compiling the software.

OpenRC on Gentoo Linux allows the use of the good old SysV-style init. The old SysV-style init scripts are compatible on Gentoo Linux.

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