Thursday, November 19, 2015

Updating or building a new Linux kernel or not

The Linux kernel has updated. I am a general user.

First of all, I need a stable system to work.

Secondly, some program files depend on a version of the Linux kernel.

Therefore, I am not going to upgrade.

However, if I were a regular developer for the system itself, if I were paid to test the system, or if I had a lot of time to test, I might consider using a new Linux kernel.

Updating the Linux kernel is a time-consuming process.

Danny Stieben claimed that updating is necessary for security purposes. Sure, if time permits, building a new kernel could fix some issues of this kind.

For a working system, security fixes could possibly be better incorporated in the Linux distribution such as Debian or Ubuntu. Getting patches might be a better idea because of the time saved.

If a new Linux kernel really introduces some new features I need, think. For all the general computing purposes, I'd better stay unchanged. If the Linux kernel lets me do something for a shorter time, I will be happy. Building a new kernel all over again will cause more problems, however. New functionalities come with new problems.

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