Friday, June 3, 2016

Go back to sysvinit while keeping systemd

Latest workaround:

Another workaround.
If I want systemd, see the workaround above.

If I want to use sysvinit, continue...


This is June 2016. systemd is still not for me. My current workaround:

The command

aptitude install sysvinit-core init-select

Choose sysvinit.

What does the command do?

This helps me to use sysvinit instead. I could not boot or shut down properly with systemd. For shutting down and booting correctly, I use this workaround. I will try to test if the problem ceases to exist.

Time constraint

I don't have enough time to look for systemd issues and fixes. 

Not publicized
I don't know why this command above is not publicized here: (when a user wants to go back to sysvinit)

systemd - system and service manager

No obvious choice when installing Debian

There is no option to choose between systemd and sysvinit when installing Debian Jessie.  (I don't know how to do this when installing.) I can hopefully switch after installing.

Remove systemd or not

This command below will cause packages that depend on systemd to stop working:

Some packages depend on systemd. (Sigh) I will not remove systemd by

apt-get remove --purge --auto-remove systemd

as seen here:

How to remove systemd from a Debian jessie/sid installation

Now, I go back to sysvinit while keeping systemd. More testing continues.

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