Saturday, February 9, 2008

"Suspected" phishing attempts is known to have been mistakenly reported as a phishing site (a website collecting your financial information). Phishing is a term derived from "fishing". Phishing is a criminal act and does not support such act. 報為"釣魚攻擊"的網站(收集你的財務資料)。釣魚攻擊是引誘用家輸入財務資料的行為。
"釣魚攻擊"是罪行, 絕支持這項罪行。 is here to provide some information about mind maps and learning the English. does not collect any financial information from you. As a friendly reminder, never enter any financial information such as your credit card number when you visit any time from Monday to Sunday. 提供畫腦圖及學英語的資料。 不會收集你的財務資料。 友善提醒:逢星期一至日,永遠不要輸入如信用卡資料的財務資料。

If you see any window or any form asking you to provide your financial information, please do not do so. does not ask for an entrance fee before you can view this blog. In that case of requesting financial information from you, chances are that may have been hijacked.

如果你看到視窗或者看到表格,要求你輸入你的財務資料,請勿這樣做。 不會收入場費,才給你看這個博客。在這個要求輸入財務資料的情況, 可能已被侵佔了

You only view this blog. You do not do anything other than viewing this blog (such as entering information). Then you are safe. You do not need to worry about phishing attempts.

你只看這個博客。除此之外,甚麼輸入也不做。你就安全大吉了。你不用擔心"釣魚攻擊"。 strongly supports a safe World Wide Web. 強烈支持安全的萬維網. is currently funded by advertising and does not ask for another fee. 現時惟一的金錢收益來自廣告,不會另收費用。

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