Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Karen Sullivan used mind maps to learn Italian 用腦圖學意大利語

Karen Sullivan learned French at university.
Karen Sullivan 在大學學習法語。

She mentioned that she started learning Italian with mind maps.
她提到她開始用腦圖 (mind map) 來學意大利語。

Sullivan wrote that she learned Italian vocabulary items with mind maps.
Sullivan 寫道,她用腦圖學習意大利語的生字。

She could associate vocabulary items with images as babies could. Imagine you were just a baby.

She suggested a useful way of learning the language. She put mind maps on the walls. Then she could refer to them when she wanted to.

The useful tips have been colored in orange above.

If you want to learn English well, you could follow the same methods. Leaning a new kind of language could be painful as in Sullivan's case of learning French (at university), as she described. Try different methods. One of the methods may suit your learning style.

如果你想學好英語,可依循相同的方法。學習新語言可能如 Sullivan 所述,學習法語一樣千辛萬苦。試著不同的方法。眾多方法的一個,可能適合你的學習風格。

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