Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mind map for higher speed 用腦圖求速度

Things have to be fast at the workplace. Decisions have to be made very quickly under pressure. Be aware of the problems and consequences as soon as you can.


Learning a kind of language is similar to things happening at the workplace. Many unknown words may cause frustration. You look frustrated and tired of learning any more. Drawing mind maps can help to reduce your frustration. According to Tony Buzan, a picture is better than a thousand words. Therefore, drawing mind maps will raise learning effectiveness. If you learn more quickly, do you feel better?

學習語言的要求也類同。遇上大量不明瞭的文字,會有力不從心的時候,畫腦圖有助減少困擾的時刻。根據 Tony Buzan 的意思,因為一圖勝千言萬語,所以畫腦圖會提升學習果效。如果你學習得更快,你會覺得更好嗎?

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