Wednesday, March 19, 2008 - Things to note

I. minds your time is a website for
helping Chinese speakers to
learn English with mind maps (腦圖*)

This site is here mainly
for learning English.
This is not specially made for
downloading software. If you arrive at
the correct site, congratulations!

II. * - kind reminder

Mind maps are diagrams (pictures)
you draw for organizing your ideas.
Mind maps look like pictures
consisted of concepts (ideas). They
are simply pictures full
of concepts only. Don't be
scared by the two words
"mind map".

III. Sorry! does not
follow what Tony Buzan said

From the perspective of
learning English, the rules
for drawing mind maps as
stated by Tony Buzan are not
fully observed.

Buzan supports the notion that
mind maps should be made mainly
of pictures.

Learning a kind of language
is not possible without
the text itself.

Mind maps promoted by
are ones with both texts
and pictures. cares if you
learn English more than
if you draw a "correct"
mind map.

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