Monday, May 2, 2016

Xfce on Debian Jessie 8.4 experiment again

I said it worked. Debian Jessie worked.

I still got 'A start job is running...' error that I had seen previously. No luck. I have seen this error on Debian (supposedly stable) and on Fedora (supposedly cutting edge).

This error showed that such process would run for, eh, the time of no limit. Scary and frustrating.

Then, I thought that this might be a kernel issue as Jessie depends on systemd. To be fair, systemd has caused a lot of changes to the kernel. These changes are somewhat risky, i.e., making the system fail to boot properly or making the system fail to shutdown properly.

Xfce depends on systemd especially when shutting down or restarting.

It looks as if Debian was not stable.

I temporarily upgrade the kernel and see no error. I will observe and see if this is the best workaround.


OpenRC and systemd? Which one?

A start job is running for /boot

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